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The following prices are for the Non-Reel Sunflower Systems which LUCKE, perfected back in 1968.  They come with Instructions to mount on your combine and also with a Guide to set the Combine which must be followed and used when harvesting sunflowers with moisture less than 18% in the seeds.

    From 1966 to 1978 we used the drum until we figured out what made it work.  The drum slows down the ground travel or acre per hour.  The biggest problem is the loss of seed. We always lost 200 lbs. per acre and when it was dry it would go to 300 to 400 lbs. per acre.  At 20 cents per pound, the total loss on 200 lbs. would be $40.00 p/acre, back then every sunflower grower accepted the loss, now many know better.  The following prices include the Header width and two types of sunflower pans:

Choose                    12" Pans for 30" Rows  -   12" Pans have Opening of 15 inches

Choose                    9" Pans for Row sizes, solid seeding, etc. - 9" Pans have Opening of 12 inches

    When placing an order for one of our systems we must know the make of your Combine also the header must be measured in the auger area, not on divider points.  For example, a John Deere header will measure 19'6" for a 20 ft. Header.  Int'l Harvester  may have two different measurements for a 20 ft. Header i.e. 19'10" or 19'6", etc.  Also when ordering we must know what the Header measurement is, in all the makes of Combines and what type of pan you need 12" or 9" Pans.


10 ft HEADER

12 ft HEADER

14 ft HEADER

12" Pans   N/A

12" Pans   $5,690.00 + 170.70 tax = $5,860.70

12" Pans   $5,790.00 + 173.70 tax = $5,963.70

9" Pans   N/A

9" Pans   $5,670.00 + 170.10 tax = $5,840.00

9" Pans   $5,723.00 + 171.69 tax = $5,894.69


16 ft HEADER

18 ft HEADER 20 ft HEADER

12" Pans   $5,871.00 + 176.13 tax = $6,047.13

12" Pans   $5,880.00 + 176.40 tax = $6,056.40  12" Pans   $5,997.00 + 179.91 tax = $6,176.91

9" Pans   $5,771.00 + 173.13 tax = $5,944.13

9" Pans   $5,847.00 + 175.41 tax = $6,022.41 9" Pans   $5,904.00 + 177.12 tax = $6,081.12
22 ft HEADER 24 ft HEADER 25 ft HEADER
12" Pans   $6,054.00 + 181.62 tax = $6,235.62 12" Pans   $6,132.00 + 183.96 tax = $6,315.96 12" Pans   $6,198.00 + 185.94 tax = $6,383.94
9" Pans   $5,915.00 + 177.45 tax = $6,092.45 9" Pans   $5,982.00 + 179.46 tax = $6,161.46 9" Pans   $6,048.00 + 181.44 tax = $6,229.44
27 ft HEADER 30 ft HEADER 35 ft HEADER
12" Pans   $6,398.00 + 191.94 tax = $6,589.94 12" Pans   $6,655.00 + 199.65 tax = $6,854.65 12" Pans   $9,648.00 + 289.44 tax = $9,937.44
9" Pans   $6,248.00 + 187.44 tax = $6,435.44 9" Pans   $6,505.00 + 195.15 tax = $6,700.15 9" Pans   $9,508.00 + 285.24 tax = $9,793.94
40 ft HEADER    
12" Pans   $9,833.00 + 294.99 tax = $10,127.99    
9" Pans   $9,683.00 + 290.49 tax = $9973.49    

Prices updated April 3, 2023

Crate for Shipping Sunflower Sets (9x4x2 FEET)    $150.00

Lift-Rods (For use w/ downed flowers, wind damage, etc):

Lift-rods........................Optional Heavy Duty    $52.00 / Pan 
Often times, the deer push the sunflower stalks over between their front legs, and then eat the seeds on the outside of the heads.  The deer then, go onto the next sunflower plant and do the same.  You will find that there is approximately 75% of the seed left in the head, but the stalk needs to be lifted up in order to harvest them.
Each grower is aware of the deer problem in his area and may need to use liftrods all the time when harvesting.  When you have high infestations of deer, we suggest that you purchase the lift rods at the same time you place the order for your sunflower system.  That way we can put them in one crate, saving having to ship the liftrods separate, at a later date, and adding to more freight and time.

Roller Tips (Especially for solid seeded fields): Optional              $37.00 / PAN

Adjustable Brace: With adjustable end systems                        $35.00 / PAN

Screen for back of Header: Optional - 2 Ft. High - 10 Ft. lengths may vary.  Prices according to size and availability.


We are the oldest manufacturer of Sunflower harvest equipment, and have been in business since 1966.

Our systems can be shipped via truck.  There is a $150.00 crate fee on the systems that get shipped only, this is in addition to the normal regular freight charges.  The Freight companies provide us with shipping discounts, which we pass onto our customers.  You need to call our Toll free number 1-800-735-5848 and get an estimate on the freight charges by giving us the Zip Code to where you want the system shipped.  We will need the city where you would like the set delivered to.  The trucking companies do not deliver to Residences, we need you to tell us where to send it to, for example, your local Implement dealer, Grain Coop, Farmers Elevator, etc.  Normally the freight is sent collect, however, if you want it prepaid we can add it to your invoice, but you need to let us know, otherwise, it will be collect.

Due to the trucking companies taking from 1 to 2 weeks for delivery and in some cases where they might send the freight to the wrong destination, we recommend you place the order with plenty of time.  If you wish to pick up your own system, they are designed to fit in the back of a pickup truck.  There is no need for a flatbed/ trailer, often, people lose parts when hauling the set on a flatbed/trailer.

We take personal checks, (Personal checks need to clear prior to delivery of Merchandise) Cashier's checks, Wire Transfers, and Money orders, for your convenience.  There is no refund on our systems.  We do not accept credit cards.

If you would like additional information or have any questions, please feel free to call our toll free 800 numbers.  1-800-735-5848 or 1-800-735-5838.




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