Lucke Snowblowers

Snow......  heavy snow..... like the snow we have in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and our neighboring northern states is tough to move!  When we get snow here, the snow doesn't just lay around as it does in some areas of the country.  It gets blown around!  When the wind blows the snow around here, the flakes break up, compact, and drift into our pastures, our haystacks, our shelterbelts, and our farm yards creating rock hard, compacted heavy drifts!    This isn't loader or plow country, the loader piles only manage to take up all the space in the yard and pretty soon there isn't a place left.  This is NOT loader or plow country, this is Blower Country!  

We grew up in Blower Country!


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Lucke Manufacturing began building snow blowers back in 1966 building front mounted snowblowers for John Deere 4020's.  The first blowers were "single stage" blowers which worked well in snow types that we see here!  They were yellow and black then, now they are green and black. These first snowblowers have been referred to as single stage but in reality they have 2 major components to them.  First we have the 4 flightings (2 per side not 1 like the other guys) of the auger.  The flightings of our auger not only break up our hard-packed snowdrifts but they also charge the snow into our center discharge cups.  The 4 center discharge cups or blower compartments then throw the snow like massive scoop shovels out through our discharge spout!  In 1968 Lucke Mfg came out with the 1000 RPM drive lines with the blower turning 540 RPM (like 2,160 scoop shovels per minute {4 discharge cups x 540 RPM}), the end result was very interesting. We found out we could hold the full power of 100+ HP without keyway problems and drive line failure that everyone else with 540 rpm drivelines were having.  The end result was the same, we moved a lot of snow!

Over the last 36 years in business, Lucke Mfg has taken the basic design of the original Lucke Blower upgrading everything including heavier blower construction, auger assemblies, as well as our larger u-joints, larger spout openings, and a hydraulic / mechanical spout (no cables or electrics to fail here).  The modern tractor has larger horsepower and capacity just as our combines have become larger and increased in capacity as well.  Our blowers meet these requirements!

The Lucke Snowblower has at least three times the capacity as the two-stage blower on any given horsepower. The Lucke blower will get there three times faster and thus eliminates clutch problems. The Lucke Snowblower does not pile snow in front of the blower as a 2 stage blower does, and in turn does not take a lot of push or traction to get the snow into it.  This is why it is capable of going through loader piles and also pastures when idled down, the incomparable Lucke Designed Snowblower!

In 1972 Lucke Mfg did begin to manufacture and test a two-stage blower.  In doing so, we found that a two-stage would blow light snow a lot farther because of the full cage blower and lots of wind. But we also found that the two-stage blower does not feed well to the cage blower (most backs of the blowers are flat and do not feed well to the center fan) and will not put the quantity of snow, or hard-packed snow, through the spout or machine fast enough which makes it appear as though the tractor has too fast a reverse gear constantly pushing flat and hard into the drifts.  We no longer manufacture this type of snowblower as they are not the type for our hard-packed, drifted snow!

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