Lucke Manufacturing

305 33rd Ave. SW

Minot, ND 58701


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Lucke Manufacturing of Minot, ND manufactures the Lucke Sunflower Combine System available for different makers of combines and header sizes with 9 and 12 inch pans.

Last Spring the grower planted the hybrid seed and many new growers do not realize the seed which they harvest has a tremendous low level of germination around 20 to 40%, we find out that the seed which has been lost is of an enormous amount. If we lose 1 to 3 bushes of wheat per acre we will notice it after the first rain and/or cultivation. The same is true with sunflowers; to detect the amount of sunflower seed loss, in the spring, you will see a tremendous amount and again a large percentage of the loss is never detected and rots in the ground.

(Because of the low germination and understanding the amount of seed loss which is never detected).

Lucke Manufacturing used a round drum with fingers in the system for 13 years and it lost the best and heaviest seed. We used to measure off a 10 foot square area and collect and weigh the seed loss. By doing this we were able to find out that we always lost 200 lbs. per acre and as the moisture would approach 9% it would go to 400 lbs. per acre, as the best seed on the outer diameter would go first and contribute to a HUGE amount of seed loss.

Again, no one has understood the hybrid and the germination process. We are currently manufacturing the system that we have today which leaves unmolested field conditions. It is so simple that it is hard to believe until you see how will it works. We have put a lot of effort and work to keep the system running so smoothly that this often goes unnoticed.

Lucke Manufacturing also has available liftrods to pick up downed flowers and rollers for solid seeded sunflowers. The products are sold direct to the farmer/rancher. For literature and more information call 1-800-735-5848.

(Seed Loss/Info, 04)