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In the final video, Stu will explain the many things that he has made on this airplane the engine Cowling, engine mount, and many things that he has built for this airplane as he owned it since 1969. He has been all over America with it doing airshows. Throughout the final videos, they will be the title will be labeled in the (Autumn of one's life), numbered from 1 to 12. In these, each video will have things that Stu has manufactured and built. There will be an astounding number of things. He is currently trying to find his report card when he went to school. They were all red-lettered F's. He doesn't believe that he ever got an A in anything except arithmetic. No one realized at the time that he was a sight learner and mechanical as hell. We hope that you will smile and enjoy them all as he was borned and raised on a farm like most of the people that he talks to. You will eventually hear him play his guitar and all the songs will be sung by Stu. The background guitar will be explained in the songs where he uses it.

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